Safety & Secure Payments

The secure advance payments methods that are available at online booking system are:

  1. Credit Card Visa - MasterCard and/or PayPal account  via
  2. Credit Card Debit Card via our Online Secure and Encrypted Transaction for Off - line Processing

Step  1 : When a visitor enters our SSL protected site, the SSL certificate automatically creates an encrypted connection to the visitor's browser.

Step  2: When the secure connection is complete, you receive a GREEN  padlock icon and the prefix  HTTPS in your browser bar which constitutes evidence that it is safe to navigate on our site, sharing personal information, make an online booking, make any payment or send us any confident data for your car booking convenience.

Step 3 : All information that passes to and from our site is encrypted with 2048-bit encryption that is nearly unimpeachable from invaders.
Now you can be sure that everything is safe, and you can proceed with the booking and/or advance payment.

Step 4: Once you complete your booking and wish to make a payment by Credit Card or PayPal account, even a security level is added if encrypted taken to the safest environment of PayPal's Official web site for payment clearance.

Caution! You must NOT close or stop the PayPal page transitioned to complete the payment.

  • After successfully completing the payment, automatically, you will go back to our web site and the confirmation page. Also, you will receive an automate payment confirmation email.


01. The Credit Institute of PayPal, has been established in Luxembourg since 1993 and is the most widespread, secure and global valid way - method of online payment.
More information may be obtained from the official website:
02. If you decide to send your credit-debit card details through our secure online system, you should be aware that the data are sent to us with strong (2048-bit) encryption and then we make the corresponding charge off-line via Bank's POS.